特定商取引法に基づく表記 / Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
販売業者の名称 / Company name
ラウンジデザイナーズ株式会社 / Lounge Designers inc.
会社所在地 / Headquarters
〒170-0013 東京都豊島区 東池袋1丁目25−14 アルファビルディング4F
Alpha Bldg.4F , 1-25-14 , Higashiikebukuro , Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan
販売業者の住所 / Store location
〒170-0013 東京都豊島区 東池袋1丁目25−14 アルファビルディング4F
Alpha Bldg.4F , 1-25-14 , Higashiikebukuro , Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan
電話番号 / Phone number
03-5985-0388 / +81359850388
メールアドレス / Mail Address
問合せフォームの返信時に開示 / Disclose when replying to inquiry form
代表取締役 / President and CEO
杉 兼太朗 / Kentaro Sugi
運営責任者 / Representative
杉 兼太朗 / Kentaro Sugi
設立 / Date of establishment
2010年(平成22年)2月9日 / February 9, 2010
資本金 / Capital
3,000万円 / 30 million yen
主要取引銀行 / Main bank
三井住友銀行 / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

ゆうちょ銀行 / Japan Post Bank

三菱東京UFJ銀行 / Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

みずほ銀行 / Mizuho Bank

楽天銀行 / Rakuten Bank

ジャパンネット銀行 / Japan Net Bank
事業内容 / Business
古物買取 / Antique purchase

並行輸入業 / Parallel import business

小売業 / Retailing

自社ホームページ運営 / website management

Webコンサルタント / Web consultants

上記付帯業務全般 / Above incidental business in general
商品の価格 / Price of goods
商品ごとに表示 / Display by product
交換・返品について / Return policy

●返品を受け付ける条件 (日本国内のみ適応)




Return and Refund Policy ※Outside Japan
●Refasta sells the product which I bought than the visitor of an individual and the owner of the corporation from Japan.
Of course there is the unused article inside, but is obliged to carry out a description to call [used goods] in Rakuten.

●The return of goods for the following reasons is not accepted at all.
1 . Different impression …Please judge it from the photograph which is placed all.
2 . Size difference …I measure it as possible in detail, but it is with the work by the human hand to the last. There is some difference.
3 . Color difference …There are the difference of setting and the PC of the monitor, the difference in impression of the of course individual color.
4 . Smell and scent …Please understand that there are all the some smells for used goods.
5 . Difference of the accessories with the official shop …Because there is not it, it does not keep all in the regular shop. Look at the column of "accessories" of the product details.
6 . Difference of the tag …All the products of the Refasta are genuine, but there is difference in various tags by the difference in kinds such as the country and store and sample products which I purchased.
商品以外の必要金額 / Required amount other than goods
《国内》 "Domestic"
・消費税(8%) ※短期滞在者は免税手続きが可能
·Consumption tax (8%) ※ Temporary residents can take tax exemption procedures

·Transfer fee (only for bank transfer)

·Settlement fee

·Shipping fee

《国外》 "Overseas"
·International shipping fee

·Tariff (only when ordering from overseas)

·Other entrance fee etc.
支払い方法 / method of payment
・銀行振込(前払い) / Bank transfer (prepayment)
・代金引換(現金+カード) / Cash on delivery (cash + card)
・各種クレジットカード(モールにより異なります。) / Various credit cards (It depends on the mall.)
・オリコwebクレジット(ショッピングローン) / Orico web credit (shopping loan)(Only japan)
支払い期限 / Payment deadline
・銀行振込(前払い): 注文承諾メール到着日から5日以内にお振込みください。
·Bank transfer (prepayment): Please transfer within 5 days from the arrival date of order acceptance mail.

・代金引換(現金): 商品お受け取り時にお支払いください。
·Cash on delivery (cash): Please pay at the time of receiving the goods.

・クレジットカード: カードの締め日や契約内容により異なります。詳しくはカード発行会社までご確認ください。
·Credit card: It depends on the deadline of the card and the contract contents. For details, please check with your card issuing company.

・PayPal: 注文承諾メール到着日から5日以内にお手続きください。
·PayPal: Please proceed within 5 days from the date of arrival of order acceptance email.

·Alipay: Please proceed within 5 days from the date of arrival of order acceptance email.

・オリコwebクレジット(ショッピングローン): ローンの締め日や契約内容により異なります。詳しくはローン会社までご確認ください。
·Orico web credit (shopping loan): It depends on the loan deadline and the contract contents. Please check with your loan company for details.
商品引渡し時期 / Capital
·Bank transfer (prepayment): Same day of payment confirmation date ~ shipped the next day

·COD (cash): Shipped on the day of the order confirmation date

·Credit card: shipped on the day of settlement completion date ~ next day

·PayPal: Same day after payment confirmation date ~ next day shipping

·Alipay: Same day after payment confirmation date ~ next day shipping

·Orico web credit (shopping loan): Same day of contract completion date ~ next day shipping

*We will contact you separately if we are late for convenience of inventory.
古物商許可番号 / License secondhand(antique) dealer
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission permission No. 305501007069
営業時間 / business hours
年中無休 11:00~18:00 / Open 365 Days a Year
所属団体 / Membership
一般社団法人日本ジュエリー協会 正会員
The Japan Jewellery Association official partner

特定非営利活動法人 ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン 正会員
NPO World Vision Japan official partner
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